How Can You Possibly Live Without A Car?

why young people don't drive

This is coming from someone who grew up around cars all his life and had a car at the age of 7. Their more useful than horses for everything, but maybe not companionship, but I may argue against that, too. Cars can give you so much perceived love that it almost outweighs the real love a thing like a horse can give. I’ve already gotten sidetracked. My point is that I can’t understand why a person who could easily afford it prefers to live without a car? The methane that cows make is worse than the use of cars. That’s not an excuse the forget the environmental impact of cars but so then why not get a Tesla? Personally, I’m waiting till there’re Tesla’s under $20,000. I love my old fashioned gasoline cars with big sexy muscles on ’em. I love drag racers and trucks that can make shrubbery and other obstacles look like chicken dinner. To find out generally why a young person who CAN afford it still prefers to live without a car, I did some looking around. Keep in mind though that my knowledge in this regard comes from asking a few university students after they asked me how my day was.

I heard that young people these days find it so easy to get around in cities without cars that they don’t see the point in going through the hassle and all the expenses even though they could afford it. Some people can’t afford it but they still say they would not get a car even if they could. The people I talked to, maybe in their late twenties, didn’t seem to judge the use of cars as a bad thing and understood the benefit of them, but they never go in and out of town that often and even if they did there’s a bus that could take them anywhere they want. Now after hearing what these city boys said, me being a city man, I want to hear what a young man from the 1930s would say to the question I posed to those university whelps. They might have a similar answer to the country boys in the Canadian plains today. I bet they listen to their grandpa complain about the horses and would buy a car in a heart-beat if they could. Even if you live in a city you got to admit that when it’s rainy and you want to go to this place across town that you need to transfer on three buses to get to then having a car is a really awesome thing. If you’re a young person reading this then I’d recommend that you begin to see yourself driving a car as an upgrade to life maybe at some point down the road in life. My nephew is in the same boat as most of these university students and he said he wants to wait till he’s 30 before he starts driving because then it would really feel like his life had changed dramatically, like an upgrade or enhancement. I think that would be cool to experience, but something like that is too late for me. I’ve been hooked by cars for far too long. I love ’em a lot.

Anyways, thanks for entertaining these thoughts with me and expect more rambling blue collar rants in the future! Visit the homepage for more.

Renting Motorcycles for a Road Trip with the Boys

In a week from today something very special is going to happen, and it all started with me losing a bet in a bar four months ago. The bet was that if I can’t beat Larry at pool than I have to convince all the boys in the auto shop to go on a motorcycle road trip to Vancouver BC wearing nothing but speedos and pink vests. In order to convince the boys I had to buy them tickets to a hockey game and pay for all their beer during the trip, because I never go back on my word.

So if you’re doing nothing next Wednesday, you might want to stand on the highway from Kelowna to Vancouver to see six dudes on rented motorcycles wearing speedos. It’ll be hilarious because we’re also all fat and have overly hairy legs. We wanted to share this news on our blog because we have some readers in Vancouver who’ll be excited to learn that we’re coming for a visit. We’ll be there for four days ready to party and, of course, go shopping for some proper pants.

I hope the weather will be nice for us but even if it is our legs are bound to get very cold. Larry was kind enough to supply the pink vests and we’re going to donate them to charity as soon as we reach Vancouver to pass on the good vibes. So if you want a pink vest that smells then give us a shout! See you in Vancouver!

At least we’ll be riding some really awesome motorcycles.

Two Appliances in Our Kelowna Shop Broke Down Simultaneously (Fridge & Oven)

broken appliances in kelowna bc

As mechanics who work hard we rely on our appliances to give us the convenience we need to prep easy meals right here in our Kelowna BC shop. Now this is a funny story some of you will appreciate if you know anything about domestic appliances. We keep our eight-year-old Panasonic refrigerator stocked to the brim with meats, snacks, juices and other food and never before have we needed to order major appliance repair services until just now. As I write this pizza is on it’s way and an appliance repair mechanic is working away behind me. My co-workers are just as disappointed as I am, especially as our Maytag oven which we’ve had for nearly three years now somehow broke down at the exact same time. We swear some anti-appliance ninja must’ve broke into the shop when we weren’t looking to sabotage our appliances. Like, seriously, how could this have happened? We were so surprised and thought this situation was so funny that Tom was like, “Hey, man, you got to put this on the blog because people might want to know why we’re extra cranky tonight.” It’s not rare that we work late hours. It’s one of the benefits of working for yourself; we get to sleep in and have a good time in the shop fixing cars and trucks for a local rental company–whom we agreed not to mention their full name so we can add more humor onto our blog.

We realized the fridge hadn’t been working all day when we went to pull out some frozen pierogi and found out they were all thawed out. We wanted to cook them anyways, because, well, why let good food go to waste? But then–lo and behold–the oven wasn’t working either! We don’t have a microwave because Tom’s wife is paranoid about him getting testicular cancer from it, which is also hilarious. Oh, I just got word from the refrigeration technician that the fridge is now working again! Thank heavenly goodness! We have to throw out the meats we got but all the other food we had in our fridge is still fine. Some people might risk keeping the meats but we don’t want to piss off Tom’s wife because she finds out everything somehow. She’ll freak out if we eat meat that’s been room temperature all day, even if we bake it to a crispy blackness. I’m personally still on my healthy diet but tonight is an excuse to order pizza. I think we deserve it.

The oven, however, still seems to be a mystery as to what’s wrong but I can see the appliance mechanic working away. We’re so grateful to have a connection with one of the best appliance repair Kelowna service providers around. They love us because we’re always cracking jokes and sharing beers. In all my life, besides today, I’ve only had to order appliance repair services four times, and they were for as follows:

  1. My home freezer needed repairs when I was in college.
  2. I once ordered washer repair services for my cousin.
  3. During my divorce when I was living with my mom I got her dishwasher fixed… finally!
  4. After living with my new girlfriend for only a few weeks, whom is now my fiance, we desperately needed a dryer repair service.

fridge needing repair

What Would You Do If All Your Kitchen Appliances Broke Down At The Same Time?

I ask you this question because the answer for most people isn’t obvious, and that usually surprises people. I just asked this to the repairman working on our Maytag oven and he said he would cook hot-dogs in the backyard with a fire. I think he’s one of those guys who smiles and joyfully grabs candles when there’s a power outage. So, really, what would you do? Think about that. Could you afford to get them all fixed at the same time, or would you need to cook hot-dogs on a fire even if you didn’t want to? To make this interesting, I’ll tell you what I would do.

I certainly wouldn’t want to pay to have all my appliances fixed on the same day. I might get the most important kitchen appliance fixed first, but which one is that exactly? Hmmm? I think I’d have to get my freezer repaired first because I have a lot of fish in there that my buddy Jim got me from a trip he did to some cool lakes in Ontario. Then, after getting freezer repair services, I’d probably eat out for a few days and work extra hard in the shop to get some extra spending cash. I might eventually get fed up with eating out and just put all the appliance repair bills on a credit card, even though my fiance would hate me for it because all our credit cards are hers. So that’s what I would do. It’s not like that would ever happen but after today you never know. Having two appliances break down simultaneously is very strange, indeed. It’s a good thing we have such a great appliance repair company here in Kelowna BC willing to come here at this ungodly hour. By the time I publish this blog post it might be pretty late, but I started this post at around 6:30 P.M. which is pretty late for any appliance repairman who should be at home watching football or something.

Well, I hope you got as much of a kick out of this tale as I did experiencing it. This is surely a day I’ll never forget. And, by the way, if you think my humor is entertaining I have another funny post you might like about a mechanic who dates a super model. It’s quite the laugh-fest. I think you’ll agree. So there we have it. I hope what happened to us today never happens to you, and that you have a great night. Thanks for reading.

A Reminder to Say Hello to Old Friends


I’d like to hope that everyone has an old friend they haven’t thought of or talked to in a long time. Maybe it’s an old friend from school or a job you used to have. This evening I’d like to give a reminder to all our readers here at the Kelowna Auto Blog to reach out and say hello to old friends or family members you used to enjoy talking to. Sometimes old friends end up needing support or may even be able to support you. Other times it’s just fun to sit back on the phone with some tea or wine for an hour and chat about good memories. It’s amazing how good you can feel after a conversation like that.

So take this friendly reminder to heart and plan to reach out to an old friend tonight and surprise them. Maybe if you live nearby plan a date to meet up. When life gets boring or mundane in Kelowna BC this is a perfect way to spice it up again. But–WARNING!–don’t contact old friends who may bring back old habits you tried so hard to get rid of. You know those people I’m talking about. Some old friends are better left alone when they can make you feel like going back to old ways that aren’t best for you. Just keep that in mind when you’re thinking of who you should contact.

Either way, us old greasy mechanics over at Kelowna Auto wish you a peaceful and mesmerizing experience with this!

Thinking About Cheese Burgers on the Job…

say no to cheese

I stopped watching The Simpsons years ago, but I can’t help feeling like Homer Simpson every time I wipe my greasy hands on my filthy overalls while working on a truck in the shop and start thinking about those cheesy little buggers known as cheese burgers. I close my eyes with my wrench in my hand and imagine it’s a slithery, fat burger with loads of cheese, pickles and whoppings of all other sorts of topics this article might reference in the footnotes.

I love the taste, the limitless beauty, the POWER!

Every time I go to work, I smile at myself in the mirror and say, “You’re doing it, man. You’re really doing it! You haven’t thought about cheese burgers yet today. Keep it up!”

But by the time lunch rolls around I fall on my knees and pray, “Please give me the power to get a salad, oh Lord!” And I want to say that this has been working. Even though I think about cheese burgers on the job to the point where it becomes a problem, I never eat them! This is my testimony, this is my dream coming true. I HAVE DONE IT!!!

Thank you so much for the support. I know you can do it, too. I feel your pain, sister!

Cheers to Our Tow Truck Friends over in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

winnipeg trucks

We’re supporters of every Canadian business, whether or not they’re in Kelowna. Of course, we love Kelowna businesses more because we’re awesome, but there’s a special exception to our tow truck driving buddies over in Winnipeg, MB. As usual, you can expect a little a comedy in the story we have to share about them. It all started in 2013 when our auto company was making a shipment of truck parts across Manitoba. After stopping at every fried chicken joint along the way, we finally reached Winnipeg on a stormy night. While trying to find a hotel in the city outskirts, our truck broke down and the rain and wind made working on the engine a difficult task so we decided just to order some tow truck services. Hoping the first company we found on our phone had 24 hour heavy duty towing, we called them, not knowing that night would turn into one of the best nights of our lives. When the tow truck driver on dispatch found out we were an auto company from Kelowna, he treated us a bit differently than we assume he does to average customers. Since we were all chicken gut swaggering Canadian truck lovers, the tow truck driver invited us over to his house for some beers after he finished helping us. He was now off duty and we didn’t feel like sleeping so we said “sure.” Soon enough his co-workers who were off duty joined us, too.

That one would sure would soon turn into many “oh yeahs” and “get somes” as we spent the night playing foosball in his basement. Canadian love poured strong in our hearts that night like true Canadian beer, and we had so much fun that we had to sleep the next day away in a hotel because there was no chance we were hitting the road with that kind of headache.

Now we visit this lovely tow truck Winnipeg company every time we’re in Manitoba. They’re our good friends and they’ll even be coming out to visit our shop soon as we offered to upgrade one of their trucks as a thank you for all the help they gave us on that stormy night in 2013. So if you’re ever in Winnipeg, MB and need a tow truck service, call the boys over at Winnipeg Towing. They’re better at what they do than any towing company in Kelowna, and it ruins our pride to say it but it’s true! We thought they deserved a shot out because some of our readers live in Winnipeg and we thought they’d find this story funny and informative.

We must admit, they’re also a lot better at foosball than anyone we know in Kelowna, and we got our arses whooped. But we’re not giving up! We’ll be challenging them to a foosball tournament sometime this year–Kelowna vs. Winnipeg! Any of our friends are welcome to join us. Just message us on social media or contact us now. You know who you are! We’d love to have you out. This will be the best Canadian truck lovers’ party of the decade!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

A Greasy Mechanic Dating a Super Model (funny, true story)

kelowna mechanic story

Somewhere in the misty winter streets of Kelowna BC, a greasy, pudgy mechanic left his house after watching a hockey game to celebrate the victory of his favorite team at the local bar. When he got there, his friends were already hammered cheering at the bar, yelling at the cute female bartender for more tequila. Our pudgy mechanic smiled at the sight and couldn’t wait to join his pals as he carried his chicken-filled gut across the dance floor, knocking scraggly dancers aside with ease. He was excited to join the drunken jollity, but when he reached the bar and sunk his inflated arse into a stool, his so-called chums stopped being so cordial and shifted away to the other side of the bar. Our mechanic, wondering why this could be, pulled out a two-week-old White Spot napkin from his pocket to blow his nose and ordered a glass of true Canadian whiskey on the rocks.

“What’s up with you losers sitting all the way over there?” asked our mechanic, swishing his whiskey around in his cheeks.

“Quite frankly,” responded a lanky, weaselly man with buck teeth, “you smell like two-day-old KFC.”

Our mechanic started laughing hysterically, spitting whiskey all over the bar and accidentally knocking a bowl of peanuts onto the floor with his massive gut. “That’s because I just ate a two-day-old bucket of chicken, you genius! What’s the matter? You can’t handle the smell of a real man?”

While our mechanic’s so-called buddies continued to frown, some of them plugging their noses, a beautiful super model visiting from California, with long legs that would make a giraffe drool, put her arm around our mechanic’s shoulder and, after taking a sniff, admitted, “There’s nothing more in this world I love more than the smell of a real man. Mmmm. And I must say, sir, you have the smell to make the Queen drop her wine glass. How about we get a taxi out of this place?”

Our mechanic dropped his draw, his eyes glued to this pretty woman’s cleavage, and murmured, “O-o-o-okay!” Within less than a minute from that moment, our mechanic and his super model friend were already flagging down a taxi outside in the moonlit mist.

Inside, the so-called chums were rubbing their eyes, wondering if what they had just seen and heard was a nightmare or a dream. They soon found out it was reality when our mechanic sent them a picture of him riding in the backseat of a taxi with the super model on his lap via Facebook Messenger.

Now before our dear Kelowna Car-Truck Rental Blog readers freak out and get jealous, too, you should know it later turned out that this super model was merely trying to make another guy in the bar jealous with her generous display of charity, and she thought she could smack two guts with one hand by also making this greasy mechanic’s friends jealous. As soon as the taxi got six blocks away from the bar, the super model jumped out of the taxi and genuflected back to her hotel. But, of course, our mechanic would never share this truth and to this day his friends are still jealous!

We hope you enjoyed this true story and have a great 2019 New Year!

Why We Love the City of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada SO MUCH!

kelowna bc

The staff here has imagined a life of comfort and fulfillment. We think it’s awesome to live a life towing and fixing cars in our city and we hope to relay the reasons why. Oh yeah, it’s so great to be a Kelowna-dweller that I just want to jump up and squeal like demented clown in the sewers. Welcome to our post and we hope you enjoy it because it’s one of our first ones and after revamping this blog we have you come down here to spend some time answering a serious question with us: why do we love living in Kelowna, British Colombia.

That’s a good question. I’ve been living here since I was a shorty, and all my homeys were, too.They hopped the block as a kids dreaming of fast cars and rich sunny days. How did we end up being so content with operating a towing and auto mechanic company in Kelowna BC? We have some good shot outs to say in that matter and we hope you enjoy the truth we’re giving here. As bloggers who work in the auto industry it’s a cool science-experiment to see how we’re so happy in Kelowna BC. Kelowna BC has the best workers and it’s so fun to be a member of life here.

We don’t play a lot but we love to work and we get deep, don’t sleep when we step on up to fix a car in Kelowna BC. We dreamed of living close to a lake as kids, with warm fires and loving wives and now we have it here in Canada, baby. Medieval Vikings would love pillaging us. We have it good.

Since it’s the story I can tell best, I’ll tell you about the reason why I, the writer of this post, personally loves Kelowna BC. My staff members have all kinds of reasons, but I love the lake that splits the city into two parts. I feel like a cool dude every time I drive across that sexy bridge. And I make enough money working in the auto industry to live well with my three kids and wife whom knows what’s up. Oh yeah, we get down in Kelowna BC. It’s a good life and it’s kind of neat to know it’s odd and rare. Not many people can say they love working with cars in a city they love.


Oh yeah, Kelowna BC is so great. It’s awesome living here and I could go on for hours ranting about it but you don’t want to read that, so let’s get back to the question. We love Kelowna BC because WE GREW UP HERE! Hmm, not a surprise, eh? Oops, is the suspense of the super blog post spoiled? Not quite! We still have some secrets to share. If you’re looking to find a great life around trees, water, fish and pretty women, Kelowna BC is the city for you! Oh yeah, we love to go on fishing trips together and you might be wondering who “we” is but, trust me, I’m not insane. I work with a team–a plumber, a carpenter, six mechanics, and WE GET STUFF DONE!!!!!

Oh yeah, Kelowna was here the day I was born and I had my first kiss here, where I got my first dog, where I played ping-pong for the first time and where my mom lives. You got to respect that, G.

BTW, welcome to our blog and here’s five things we hope to share with you in the future!

  1. Cool information about Kelowna BC, Canada.
  2. Tips for fixing cars and odd general electric appliances.
  3. News and information about Canada in general.
  4. Stories about citizens in Kelowna BC, Canada, specifically.
  5. Advice for making a blog only a special few can understand!

Oh yeah, that was one of our first ramblings and I hope you’re looking forward to the next one. We’ve always dreamed of having a blog and we’re excited to be here with readers. Thanks!

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Here’s a list of the cool stuff we wish to bring up over the years:

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