I’d like to hope that everyone has an old friend they haven’t thought of or talked to in a long time. Maybe it’s an old friend from school or a job you used to have. This evening I’d like to give a reminder to all our readers here at the Kelowna Auto Blog to reach out and say hello to old friends or family members you used to enjoy talking to. Sometimes old friends end up needing support or may even be able to support you. Other times it’s just fun to sit back on the phone with some tea or wine for an hour and chat about good memories. It’s amazing how good you can feel after a conversation like that.

So take this friendly reminder to heart and plan to reach out to an old friend tonight and surprise them. Maybe if you live nearby plan a date to meet up. When life gets boring or mundane in Kelowna BC this is a perfect way to spice it up again. But–WARNING!–don’t contact old friends who may bring back old habits you tried so hard to get rid of. You know those people I’m talking about. Some old friends are better left alone when they can make you feel like going back to old ways that aren’t best for you. Just keep that in mind when you’re thinking of who you should contact.

Either way, us old greasy mechanics over at Kelowna Auto wish you a peaceful and mesmerizing experience with this!