Last time we posted, we asked you what you’re 2020 goals are. We believe everyone should have one, even if a new year’s resolution is kind of corny. We hope you’re doing well with your goals. Indeed, we wish the best for everyone in Kelowna BC. If you haven’t acted on your goals yet, then here’s a reminder: ACT ON YOUR GOALS!

Our 2020 goal was to help as many people as we can. As automotive experts in Kelowna BC, we have the potential to help many people, and we’ve been very successful so far. We wouldn’t write this post if we weren’t proud of what we’ve accomplished since January. We’re almost at the halfway point of the year and now’s the time to really hone down on what we set out to do.

We’ve been helping people in Kelowna by helping our neighbors do their gardening and landscaping, neighbors that are too old to do it themselves, and we’ve been doing it for free. That’s not all! We’ve also been helping friends of friends and family of friends with free automotive services like tire repair and engine detailing. It feels good to help people, and not everything we do is for free, but the free stuff we do to help people is the most satisfying and that’s how we know we set the right goal.

Thanks for tuning in to our update. Once again, we remind you to act on your 2020 goals because we’re almost halfway through the year and before you know it you’ll have to set your 2021 goals. So, act now!