If you know your car can’t handle a road trip on a snowy road, then why not rent one? Many navigate around the costs of renting a snow worthy car by getting cheap winter tires, but is this really safe? Sometimes a car just doesn’t have enough torque to climb a hill that’s covered in ice. If you let go of the gas at all you could find yourself sliding back down the hill and that isn’t safe. From my experience working in and around cars my whole life, I vouch that renting an up-to-date car with the latest anti-winter technology is your safest bet, even if you think your care is snow worthy.

I lost a dear friend to an icy road some years back and that’s why I tell this to you now. I don’t have to be Nerd Stark to say that “winter is coming”. If you’re planning a trip on the road, please think about the consequences of driving a car that can’t handle the snow and ice. You need something powerful with gripping tires. A truck might do, or an SUV with good tires. Whatever your choice is, I hope you make the correct one!