We’re supporters of every Canadian business, whether or not they’re in Kelowna. Of course, we love Kelowna businesses more because we’re awesome, but there’s a special exception to our tow truck driving buddies over in Winnipeg, MB. As usual, you can expect a little a comedy in the story we have to share about them. It all started in 2013 when our auto company was making a shipment of truck parts across Manitoba. After stopping at every fried chicken joint along the way, we finally reached Winnipeg on a stormy night. While trying to find a hotel in the city outskirts, our truck broke down and the rain and wind made working on the engine a difficult task so we decided just to order some tow truck services. Hoping the first company we found on our phone had 24 hour heavy duty towing, we called them, not knowing that night would turn into one of the best nights of our lives. When the tow truck driver on dispatch found out we were an auto company from Kelowna, he treated us a bit differently than we assume he does to average customers. Since we were all chicken gut swaggering Canadian truck lovers, the tow truck driver invited us over to his house for some beers after he finished helping us. He was now off duty and we didn’t feel like sleeping so we said “sure.” Soon enough his co-workers who were off duty joined us, too.

That one would sure would soon turn into many “oh yeahs” and “get somes” as we spent the night playing foosball in his basement. Canadian love poured strong in our hearts that night like true Canadian beer, and we had so much fun that we had to sleep the next day away in a hotel because there was no chance we were hitting the road with that kind of headache.

Now we visit this lovely tow truck Winnipeg company every time we’re in Manitoba. They’re our good friends and they’ll even be coming out to visit our shop soon as we offered to upgrade one of their trucks as a thank you for all the help they gave us on that stormy night in 2013. So if you’re ever in Winnipeg, MB and need a tow truck service, call the boys over at Winnipeg Towing. They’re better at what they do than any towing company in Kelowna, and it ruins our pride to say it but it’s true! We thought they deserved a shot out because some of our readers live in Winnipeg and we thought they’d find this story funny and informative.

We must admit, they’re also a lot better at foosball than anyone we know in Kelowna, and we got our arses whooped. But we’re not giving up! We’ll be challenging them to a foosball tournament sometime this year–Kelowna vs. Winnipeg! Any of our friends are welcome to join us. Just message us on social media or contact us now. You know who you are! We’d love to have you out. This will be the best Canadian truck lovers’ party of the decade!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!