This is coming from someone who grew up around cars all his life and had a car at the age of 7. Their more useful than horses for everything, but maybe not companionship, but I may argue against that, too. Cars can give you so much perceived love that it almost outweighs the real love a thing like a horse can give. I’ve already gotten sidetracked. My point is that I can’t understand why a person who could easily afford it prefers to live without a car? The methane that cows make is worse than the use of cars. That’s not an excuse the forget the environmental impact of cars but so then why not get a Tesla? Personally, I’m waiting till there’re Tesla’s under $20,000. I love my old fashioned gasoline cars with big sexy muscles on ’em. I love drag racers and trucks that can make shrubbery and other obstacles look like chicken dinner. To find out generally why a young person who CAN afford it still prefers to live without a car, I did some looking around. Keep in mind though that my knowledge in this regard comes from asking a few university students after they asked me how my day was.

I heard that young people these days find it so easy to get around in cities without cars that they don’t see the point in going through the hassle and all the expenses even though they could afford it. Some people can’t afford it but they still say they would not get a car even if they could. The people I talked to, maybe in their late twenties, didn’t seem to judge the use of cars as a bad thing and understood the benefit of them, but they never go in and out of town that often and even if they did there’s a bus that could take them anywhere they want. Now after hearing what these city boys said, me being a city man, I want to hear what a young man from the 1930s would say to the question I posed to those university whelps. They might have a similar answer to the country boys in the Canadian plains today. I bet they listen to their grandpa complain about the horses and would buy a car in a heart-beat if they could. Even if you live in a city you got to admit that when it’s rainy and you want to go to this place across town that you need to transfer on three buses to get to then having a car is a really awesome thing. If you’re a young person reading this then I’d recommend that you begin to see yourself driving a car as an upgrade to life maybe at some point down the road in life. My nephew is in the same boat as most of these university students and he said he wants to wait till he’s 30 before he starts driving because then it would really feel like his life had changed dramatically, like an upgrade or enhancement. I think that would be cool to experience, but something like that is too late for me. I’ve been hooked by cars for far too long. I love ’em a lot.

Anyways, thanks for entertaining these thoughts with me and expect more rambling blue collar rants in the future! Visit the homepage for more.