Kelowna is a beautiful city in British Columbia, Canada. We’re proud to be Canadian, and even more proud to be from Kelowna. If you’re American, you might hear “Kelowna” and automatically think “Corona” but let me assure you we only drink Canadian craft beers here!

We love our location because we see a lot of cool cars here. We’re the official blog for Kelowna Auto, but we don’t offer services here. For auto services you’ll have to go to our main site. This is just our blog.

What can you expect from Kelowna Auto’s blog?

We love to rant about the future of cars in Canada, as well as local news relevant to Kelowna dwellers. Many of the staff here collect cars and so you can expect rants on why some cars are better than others. We also like nature, as going out in the woods is a good excuse to test out our new trucks and quads.

Overall, this blog is designed to give Kelowna dwellers a place to check out what locals are thinking about when it comes to automobiles in general. We also travel around all of British Columbia, so we’re relevant from Victoria to Surrey and more.

We welcome you to check back often for cool news and updates. Stay cool!