In a week from today something very special is going to happen, and it all started with me losing a bet in a bar four months ago. The bet was that if I can’t beat Larry at pool than I have to convince all the boys in the auto shop to go on a motorcycle road trip to Vancouver BC wearing nothing but speedos and pink vests. In order to convince the boys I had to buy them tickets to a hockey game and pay for all their beer during the trip, because I never go back on my word.

So if you’re doing nothing next Wednesday, you might want to stand on the highway from Kelowna to Vancouver to see six dudes on rented motorcycles wearing speedos. It’ll be hilarious because we’re also all fat and have overly hairy legs. We wanted to share this news on our blog because we have some readers in Vancouver who’ll be excited to learn that we’re coming for a visit. We’ll be there for four days ready to party and, of course, go shopping for some proper pants.

I hope the weather will be nice for us but even if it is our legs are bound to get very cold. Larry was kind enough to supply the pink vests and we’re going to donate them to charity as soon as we reach Vancouver to pass on the good vibes. So if you want a pink vest that smells then give us a shout! See you in Vancouver!

At least we’ll be riding some really awesome motorcycles.