Have you just bought a new car? Here is the top tip that you could ever hear. But first I want to get past the 101. This tip only applies if you’ve already gotten a car inspection and an oil change. Have you refilled all the fluids, the break fluid, anti-freeze, etc.? If your answer is yes then there’s one last thing you need to do, one thing you’ll never regret…

Auto Detailing: The Best Thing For a Used Car Besides an Oil Change!

If your car is used then there’s a good chance you have a few paint scratches, dirty rims, salty windows, etc, and one way to get all this touched up in one fowl sweep is to get professional auto detailing services! Not only will these expert car washers touch up your paint scratches and clean the exterior of your car, they’ll also do engine detailing and, best of all, interior car detailing. This means that they’ll vacuum AND steam clean your seats so they’ll be like brand new again, removing any stains and odors from the inside of your automobile. And did I mention that they polish your dashboard, too?

The reason we here at Kelowna Auto stress getting professional auto detailing is because most used car owners will go years without ever getting a car wash let alone a professional service. It makes such a huge difference to the overall value of any vehicle when it’s in supreme condition. And I even know some auto detailing shops that will come out to your location. Mobile car washes are the best for people who live out in the boonies and have more than one vehicle they wish to clean at once.

Also, auto detailers will remove bumps and dents and they’ll spray the bottom of your car with anti-rust formula. They can also apply a protective polish to your car after buffing it so you’ll swear that even if your car is from 2001 you’ll swear it’s brand new!

Remember, all of this is assuming you even decided to buy a car in the first place. Recently we talked about why you should drive. In case you’re not persuaded yet and still want to wash and vacuum the inside of your car yourself, here’s a list of 5 reasons why you should get professional auto detailing tomorrow!

  1. They call it “detailing” because they touch up all the little details that a drive-through car wash simply can’t attend to, like polishing every bell and whistle.
  2. It may cost a pretty penny to get the job done, but we can promise you won’t regret it, especially as the polish lasts for a long time to come.
  3. The inside of your car will smell new again, making you forget that your car is used.
  4. It’ll bring prestige on your side, for the sake of everyone who knows you.
  5. You’ll drive away from the auto detailing shop having tried something new, and even if we’re wrong and you do regret it then at least you’ll have this experience under your belt.

With all this said, we have to give a shot out to our favorite car cleaning company, that is Auto Detailing Saskatoon. The reason why we love the guys over in Saskatoon and trust them to do a good job is because when we make our annual road trip to the East Coast of Canada, we always stop in Saskatoon for three days to visit friends and the boys at Auto Detailing Saskatoon do a great job, hands down. Check them out and feel free to ask them questions about what a professional exterior and interior car wash entails because they’re friendly enough to answer any questions you might have, even if you don’t live in Saskatoon.

So just remember this tip even if you don’t plan on buying a used car any time soon because this advice could help out a dear friend or stranger who is looking for the best tip. At the end of the day, we could always die tomorrow. So why not enjoy life to the fullest and get your car spotlessly washed? You decide!