As mechanics who work hard we rely on our appliances to give us the convenience we need to prep easy meals right here in our Kelowna BC shop. Now this is a funny story some of you will appreciate if you know anything about domestic appliances. We keep our eight-year-old Panasonic refrigerator stocked to the brim with meats, snacks, juices and other food and never before have we needed to order major appliance repair services until just now. As I write this pizza is on it’s way and an appliance repair mechanic is working away behind me. My co-workers are just as disappointed as I am, especially as our Maytag oven which we’ve had for nearly three years now somehow broke down at the exact same time. We swear some anti-appliance ninja must’ve broke into the shop when we weren’t looking to sabotage our appliances. Like, seriously, how could this have happened? We were so surprised and thought this situation was so funny that Tom was like, “Hey, man, you got to put this on the blog because people might want to know why we’re extra cranky tonight.” It’s not rare that we work late hours. It’s one of the benefits of working for yourself; we get to sleep in and have a good time in the shop fixing cars and trucks for a local rental company–whom we agreed not to mention their full name so we can add more humor onto our blog.

We realized the fridge hadn’t been working all day when we went to pull out some frozen pierogi and found out they were all thawed out. We wanted to cook them anyways, because, well, why let good food go to waste? But then–lo and behold–the oven wasn’t working either! We don’t have a microwave because Tom’s wife is paranoid about him getting testicular cancer from it, which is also hilarious. Oh, I just got word from the refrigeration technician that the fridge is now working again! Thank heavenly goodness! We have to throw out the meats we got but all the other food we had in our fridge is still fine. Some people might risk keeping the meats but we don’t want to piss off Tom’s wife because she finds out everything somehow. She’ll freak out if we eat meat that’s been room temperature all day, even if we bake it to a crispy blackness. I’m personally still on my healthy diet but tonight is an excuse to order pizza. I think we deserve it.

The oven, however, still seems to be a mystery as to what’s wrong but I can see the appliance mechanic working away. We’re so grateful to have a connection with one of the best appliance repair Kelowna service providers around. They love us because we’re always cracking jokes and sharing beers. In all my life, besides today, I’ve only had to order appliance repair services four times, and they were for as follows:

  1. My home freezer needed repairs when I was in college.
  2. I once ordered washer repair services for my cousin.
  3. During my divorce when I was living with my mom I got her dishwasher fixed… finally!
  4. After living with my new girlfriend for only a few weeks, whom is now my fiance, we desperately needed a dryer repair service.

fridge needing repair

What Would You Do If All Your Kitchen Appliances Broke Down At The Same Time?

I ask you this question because the answer for most people isn’t obvious, and that usually surprises people. I just asked this to the repairman working on our Maytag oven and he said he would cook hot-dogs in the backyard with a fire. I think he’s one of those guys who smiles and joyfully grabs candles when there’s a power outage. So, really, what would you do? Think about that. Could you afford to get them all fixed at the same time, or would you need to cook hot-dogs on a fire even if you didn’t want to? To make this interesting, I’ll tell you what I would do.

I certainly wouldn’t want to pay to have all my appliances fixed on the same day. I might get the most important kitchen appliance fixed first, but which one is that exactly? Hmmm? I think I’d have to get my freezer repaired first because I have a lot of fish in there that my buddy Jim got me from a trip he did to some cool lakes in Ontario. Then, after getting freezer repair services, I’d probably eat out for a few days and work extra hard in the shop to get some extra spending cash. I might eventually get fed up with eating out and just put all the appliance repair bills on a credit card, even though my fiance would hate me for it because all our credit cards are hers. So that’s what I would do. It’s not like that would ever happen but after today you never know. Having two appliances break down simultaneously is very strange, indeed. It’s a good thing we have such a great appliance repair company here in Kelowna BC willing to come here at this ungodly hour. By the time I publish this blog post it might be pretty late, but I started this post at around 6:30 P.M. which is pretty late for any appliance repairman who should be at home watching football or something.

Well, I hope you got as much of a kick out of this tale as I did experiencing it. This is surely a day I’ll never forget. And, by the way, if you think my humor is entertaining I have another funny post you might like about a mechanic who dates a super model. It’s quite the laugh-fest. I think you’ll agree. So there we have it. I hope what happened to us today never happens to you, and that you have a great night. Thanks for reading.